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Flat mouth machine

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Functional features:

1. The utility model can scrape off the excess length of the pipe orifice and clear the welding seam, and the utility model has multiple functions;

2. Pneumatic locking and positioning, safe and fast;

3. Push rod feed and retract, fast and convenient;

4. Mechanical cold cutting, will not damage the pipe material, just a few seconds to complete a flat mouth;

5. The machine has long service life, low cost and high efficiency;

6. According to the characteristics of nozzle, reasonable tool holder and cutter are designed;

7. Safe and comfortable ergonomic design, the use of balance principle, reduce the burden of operation;

8. The small and compact cutter head can adjust the length at will to control the length of the nozzle;

9. Suitable for materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc;

10. It is small in size and can be used in different positions. It is portable and flexible;


1. Pipe orifice leveling; 2. Quick chamfering; 3. Remove the weld; 4. Pipe mouth beveling
The machine has the above four functions at the same time.