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Mechanical expansion head
Customized production according to expansion process drawing
Detailed information and operation method can be obtained by email
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Sketch Map£º

Parameter table:


1. The specifications listed in the table are common specifications, and any specification can be customized.

2. Accept the bearing type, control flanging type, deep hole adjustment type and other tube expander customized, general delivery within 7 working days.

3. The expansion bead length in the table is a common specification. If there are special requirements for the length, please communicate and explain when ordering.

Instructions for expanding pipe£º

Put the tube expander into the expanded tube (the expansion shell enters about two thirds), push the expansion rod tightly, rotate the expansion rod clockwise (the batch expansion tube should be powered by the tube expander), the expansion rod drives the expansion ball, and the expansion ball drives the expansion shell, and the rotation angle between the expansion shell chute and the tube drives the expansion rod to move along the axis of the tube while rotating; As the expansion rod with taper is gradually pushed forward, the inner hole and outer diameter of the expanded pipe are gradually expanded to make it closely combined with the tubesheet to achieve the purpose of connection.